Poker game

Poker rules vary depending on the variant in which you play and where you play like casino online bonus The rules of poker in fact not only vary according to the type of the game but also according to the area of the world where you are (and often table to table, so it is always good idea to check before you sit down).

The goal is always to achieve the best combination, and whoever wins gets the whole prize pool in the “flat”, ie the full amount of betting money or chips. He wins who gets the combination of value greater than or causes all the other players to leave the game. Winning combinations in descending order are for the European Poker:

-Royal flush
-Straight Flush
-Double copy
-The highest card

The cards are dealt covered or uncovered depending on the variant of poker being played, by a minimum of two to a maximum of five cards to each player. They are however always necessary to obtain a five-card combination.

In so-called community cards poker variants, distributed cards do not exceed four cards (as in poker omaha) and are generally two (poker texas hold’em), to obtain a combination all players draw from the community cards that are placed face and visible to everyone on the table.

The game phases alternate between the distribution of the cards (and sometimes, as in traditional poker, in the replacement of one or more cards) and stakes (bets made by chips or real money, in the case of cash game).